Before The Tragedy is the beginning of The Tragedy Series. It has events that will explain how certain characters became who they'll be in Survive The Tragedy and the events that will follow.

Story Edit

The Shimmering Star Edit

Mato begins her school day as usual, going to her class, hanging out with friends, doing her work, etc, until she was called to the office to have a little discussion. It was actually about her being part of Canterlot High's Transfer Student Program, as the principal explains to her that CHS wants to branch out when it comes to nationality, so they decided to choose a student from a foreign school to attend CHS for a year. Even though it was so sudden and she didn't knew before hand, she didn't want to disappoint Canterlot High. So after a few days of packing her bags and saying goodbye to her friends and family, she takes a bus which drives her to the airport, where she will spend a school year away from home. Meanwhile at CHS, Celestia and Luna announce that a student from a Japanese school will attend Canterlot High for their Transfer Student Program, this makes all the students in CHS excited to meet this student, including the Mane 7, which they're relieved that it isn't something from Equestria and hope that they'll become friends with them.

When Mato did arrive at CHS, Celestia and Luna introduced her to the rest of the school, which every student welcomed her with open arms. Later, the Mane 7 introduced themselves to Mato and overtime they got to know each other. But even so, Mato feels unsure about her new school life, since it was such different than her regular school, and Sunset couldn't help but feel like there's more to Mato than they thought. One day, Mato overhears two students talking about The Fall Formal, she asks them about it, at first, they weren't so sure if she's willing to like what happened at The Fall Formal but they decided to tell her anyways. Hearing about what happened at The Fall Formal involving Sunset turning into a demon and a student coming from another world, she asks other students if any other events had this problem, which lead to her learning about how the Sirens controlled the school in The Battle of The Bands, Twilight opening portals to Equestria in the Friendship Games, and the confrontation of Gaia Everfree in the trip to Camp Everfree. She tells the Mane 7 what she heard and they were surprised she wasn't told sooner, since magic is the reason CHS is what it is. They inform Mato that Equestrian Magic is what brought them together in the first place and they are sure it will do the same for Mato, but Mato is unsure about it.

Meanwhile in The Other World, Black Rock Shooter feels a strange presence within the world, almost unearthly. She follows a strange aurora that leads to a strange castle floating mid air inside a portal. She enters inside and is immediately greeted by Midnight Sparkle, the evil alter ego created by Twilight, who was waiting for someone like her to come. Having no idea what she is, BRS attacks her, thinking she's an Other Self, just like her, but overtime during their fight, she might be more than what she is. Back in the real world, Mato feels uneasy being around the Mane 7 when they use their magic or even anyone mentioning magic and the Mane 7 become concerned about her. Not wanting her school year to feel uneasy and awkward, Sunset and Twilight decided that they should talk to Mato about whats going on. When they confronted Mato, they ask her why she feels uneasy around magic, for a moment, Mato was quiet until she told them why because "it's for the better". She tells them that at her school in Japan, she had a bad experience with another world that involved with Other Selfs fighting for people's emotions and how she accidentally transformed into Insane Black Rock Shooter. As she explains about it, she slowly starts to break down, recalling all of those events while the horrible memories of being IBRS flooding her mind. It came to the point where she snapped at the two, having no idea why would they ever had mental scars from Sunset's demon form and Midnight Sparkle. Sunset and Twilight tell her that they were a symbol on a desire for power and loneliness, and that when they were changed, they saw what they done and forgiven not only everyone that they hurt but also themselves. Mato snapped back as she told them that even though she forgave her friends, she could never forgive herself for losing her sanity so easily. As Mato rants on how she'll never forgive herself, BRS starts to feel her body becoming numb and notices her blue flame was slowly turning purple. And in a moment, when Mato said that as long as magic is present, she'll just be reminded of that event, BRS started to transform into IBRS, Midnight Sparkle notices this and is curious on why BRS is transforming. As the transformation took place, Mato felt a stinging feeling in her chest, not wanting to make them worry, she runs away. Twilight wanted to follow her but Sunset stopped her, telling Twilight to give Mato some space.

As Mato ran away, BRS decides to leave Midnight's castle so she won't brutally slaughter Midnight. When Mato stopped by a bus stop, she looked into a small mirror that was left behind and was shocked to see her blue eyes turned purple, at the same time, BRS completely transformed into Insane Black Rock Shooter, but she could hear Mato's voice loud and clear, as if she was there. Mato was quickly confronted by Junko, who saw and heard the whole confrontation between her, Sunset and Twilight, she tells Mato she is very interested in the whole situation and is willing to "help" her. With any other choice, she decides to let Junko help her maintain IBRS, but what Mato doesn't know is that Junko just let her sign up into The Remnants of Despair. The next day, everyone noticed that Mato was gone and a trace of her was gone, everyone started to worry about what might of happened to her, when Celestia asked the Mane 7 if they saw her, Sunset and Twilight explained to her that they tried to help her feel confrontable at CHS, but the trauma she had with IBRS is keeping her from being sane. Sunset feels very uneasy of what might of happened to Mato, she even believes that whatever Mato saw in that other world, might be more powerful than Equestrian Magic.

The Virtualization Project Edit


After Mike (Alpha), Stephanie (Flamegirl), Martin (Nylocke), and Chris (Kirbohper/Zetto) hanged out, Mike got an email from Netking Software telling him that they wish to see him at their headquarters. He suspects that it might have something to do on the virus or SOFTDI, but when he arrived at their headquarters, it was something way different. The Netkings tell Mike that they were impressed that he managed to control and completely erase the virus when he confronted Rubirules, so they hired him to become the 8th Netking, the Beta Tester. Months later, Mike and Chris were talking to Jeremy and Aelita, who spent their few years studying Franz Hopper's inventions, and they bring up on their discoveries and ideas on visualization. Jeremy tells them that they found out that when someone gets virtualized in Lyoko, their body lies on the floor like a corpse, so they came up with some ideas of inventing a pod-like scanner. Chris asks why they're telling them this and Jeremy tells Chris that they need their help kick starting the project.

They settled where they were going to do the project in a small business building and got started right away. After a couple day of working, including a little help from Dr Alphys on building the pods, the project was almost done, all they need to do is to test it out. Mike wanted to volunteer (Because he's a Beta Tester), but Aelita wanted to be the one to test out their collaborate project. After she was virtuallized, everything was working fine, no glitches or errors during the process and Aelita felt fine. Until all of the sudden, the place where she was virtuallized starts to disappear, Jeremy immediately tries to get her out but it was too late and Aelita was deleted along with the area around her. After that, Chris did some research on where Aelita was and found out that it was files for a student in Hope's Peak, so in short, Aelita was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Even so, Jeremy felt depressed that he didn't save her, but he doesn't want depression to pull him down as he tells Mike, Chris, and Alphys that he'll do anything to improve his work and make the loss of Aelita his motivation to improve.

Logan, Adam, and Will's Friendship Edit

Gifted Inmates Academy, a school that's related to Hope's Peak, has sent multiple letters to many people across the globe, training potential Ultimates to better understand what their said talent will be, among the thousands of people that got in, three gamers were chosen to be part of the school. Logan, Adam, and Will, who are skilled at video games and graduated high school a long time ago, were all surprised that they got in. All three had different expectations, Logan was not sure if he's willing to drop everything just to attend a fancy school, but he's willing to try it, Adam sees this as an opportunity to get some sort of degree, and Will just rolls with it, having no expectations on what will happen when he goes there. At the day the students arrived, everyone gathered at a meeting assembly, the heads of the academy explain to their students what they'll be doing throughout the school year. During the assembly, Logan briefly saw Adam and Will in the crowd but he wasn't sure if it was them. After the assembly, every student get an assigned class room, where they will learn most of their lessons in, when Logan got to his assigned class room, there were a couple of students that got in already. Logan noticed that amongst the students were Adam and Will, which he was shocked that they got in, he came up to them and told them that he was surprised to see them at all, Adam and Will replied that they felt the same way when they saw Logan. Adam believes that this might be a chance to know his fellow countdown makers a little better (since they kinda knew each other from their Youtube channels) or at least becomeing friends. As soon as every student got in, their teacher, Hana Yokina, walked into the class room and greeted herself to her class.

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