Makoto Naegi is one of the survivors of Hope's Peak Academy and is a member of Future Foundation. His title was the Ultimate Lucky Student but then became the Ultimate Hope due to his ability to spread hope. He appears in Survive The Tragedy later on.

History Edit

Prior to The Tragedy Edit

Makoto was chosen to attend Hope's Peak Academy's 78th class through winning a lottery, and throughout several days, he enjoyed his school life in the Academy. Until a mysterious group threatens the school into killing every student, this caused Jin Kirigiri to lock up all the students in the building, which Makoto and several other students agreed to partake in. However, this did not last long as Jin Kirigiri was killed by that group and all the students, including Makoto, had their memories erased by that group to participate in their mutual killing game. Throughout his time trapped in Hope's Peak, he had to overcome anything that came his way in order to survive but at the same time, he, along with several other students, try to find a way to escape and find out who is the mastermind (Which was Junko). After Makoto defeated Junko, which resulted in her execution, he, along with the other survivors, leave Hope's Peak and into the world where The Tragedy began.

The Tragedy Edit

He didn't expect he would see his home being destroyed in a Monokuma Invasion, but before the Monokumas could find him and the other survivors, they were found by The Future Foundation, which they decided to join to fight against any kind of despair. Throughout the several months during The Tragedy, he tried to fight off against groups who wish to destroy the world's hope and everyone in it, like The Remnants of Despair and The Warriors of Hope. However, his mission to fight for hope was halted by Monokuma's Final Killing Game, as he, along with other members of The Future Foundation, were trapped and forced to play the game in order to escape. For a long time, he didn't knew what was going on outside until D-Bugg Netking hacked into their computers when they found out it was blocked by Monokuma, they told Makoto, along with the remaining members, what was going on while they were trapped. He didn't realize that the Final Killing Game was just a way to get rid of the Future Foundation so they won't stop the true mastermind. So with a little help from The Rebellion, he, along with the other survivors, escaped and joined The Rebellion to settle things.

Gallery Edit

Naegi transparent

Makoto before The Tragedy.

Makoto DRAE

Makoto during The Tragedy

Makoto transparent

Makoto after The Tragedy

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