The Remnants of Despair are a group that first appeared in Survive The Tragedy and act as the main antagonists. They're also a motive for The Rebellion to save, due to Mato bursting out crying when she almost killed a member of The Rebellion.

History Edit

The majority of "The Rise of Despair" shows how most of the members fell into despair, but the other parts in Before The Tragedy, like The Shimmering Star, The Wrath of Zygarde, The Tears of Pegasus, The Truth, and The Great and Powerful, show how some of the other members fell into despair.

Members Edit

  • Izuru Kamukura is The Leader of Despair, he's the one who gives orders to the other remnants and leads them to destruction and despair. He fought against Makoto at his base in a final battle against hope and despair, but he was tricked by Makoto to get trapped in the Energy Wave Generator with Twilight's Pendant (which was full of the Mane 7's magic) and after the giant magic shock wave swept across the world, Izuru reverted back into who he was before, Hajime Hinata. His defeat, though ended The Tragedy, was not the end. In From Lands Unknown, Blake uploaded Izuru's consciousness into Cyberspace before the magic turned him back into Hajime. Though he had a bit of magic in him, Izuru wanted to continue spreading despair, so when Blake hacked in the virtual world that D-Bugg Netking made, he uploaded Izuru into the digital world and became a shadow demon in that world.
  • Nagito Komaeda is The Servant of Despair, he follows whatever order he's given and he'll do his best to satisfy whoever gave him a order. Though he is a member of The Remnants of Despair, he follows the orders of The Warriors of Hope as their servant, but when he heard that his fellow members were being "reformed" by The Rebellion, he decides to take action and try to stop Komaru, Toko, and Frisk, so he'll have a chance to escape Towa City and try to take down The Rebellion. He decides to use Mettaton (who joined The Warriors of Hope so that his stardom would shine in their paradise) as a defense, but when that failed, as a last minute resort, fights against the three himself by summoning Monokumas and sealing himself in a glass orb, hoping that they would shatter it. When Nagito was defeated, he wanted them to finish him off and kill him, but Frisk refuses and spares him, in-spite of Toko's protests. Nagito suddenly felt so thankful that they gave him kindness that he wants to tag along with the three. From there, he joins along Komaru, Toko, and Frisk, as they fight against the rest of The Warriors of Hope.
  • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu is The Gangster of Despair, he commits violent crimes and shoots down anyone who gets in his way.
  • Akane Owari is The Fighter of Despair, she beats down anyone she sees and shows no mercy to anyone she fights with.
  • Sonia Nevermind is The Queen of Despair, she conquers lands and rules over everyone that follows her with an iron fist.
  • Kazuichi Soda is The Mechanic of Despair, he builds robots and machines that cause despair, he's also the one who created the Monokuma bots. He has a burning hatred for a member of The Rebellion, which is Sonic, who destroys his creations by tearing them apart (Of course, everyone else in The Rebellion does this, it just the way Sonic does it makes Soda hate him.) so he prepared a giant robot for when Sonic ever comes to his factory. When Sonic did enter his factory, Soda gave it his all just to destroy him by sending all of his Monokuma bots, but when that failed, he sent out his giant robot, Mechakuma, to finish the job. However, when Sonic defeated Mechakuma, Soda activated the bomb he implanted in the robot, to take Sonic with him in the afterlife. Sonic, noticing that Soda isn't evacuating Mechakuma, rushes up there, grabs Soda, and ran out of the factory as fast as he could before the bomb could explode. Soda asks him why he saved him, Sonic told him that he didn't want another robot inventor to go down in flames (Considering Eggman was killed during the first strike), and he wants him to do better at what he does, make some things that can help others.
  • Ultimate Imposter is The Faker of Despair, he's a spy to The Remnants of Despair, trying to get information about their enemies.
  • Teruteru Hanamura is The Cook of Despair, he makes food that gives people despair, like making them sick. Ever since the first strike, Pinkie Pie wanted to fight Teruteru for bringing despair from something simple as food, but when The Rebellion started the reforming of the remnants, Pinkie decides to challenge Teruteru in a bake-off to see if hope and despair can be shown in something so simple as food. When Pinkie defeated Teruteru in the bake-off, he asks why she's so sickeningly passionate over baking, she says because she puts love and care into everything she does, not just food, but being a person as well.
  • Mahiru Koizumi is The Photographer of Despair, she takes pictures that are filled with despair, like pictures of dead bodies and such. She's also the assistant of Sonia, taking pictures of her and spreading her despair. When The Rebellion break into Sonia's Castle, Raphael decides to tackle Mahiru while Labybug and Cat Noir fight Sonia, when he approached Mahiru, she thought he was after Sonia and decides to defend Sonia by fighting him. Raphael understands her motivation to protect The Queen of Despair, but he challenges her to keep up with his dance moves to prove to him that she has a beat of her own, she tries to keep up but eventually, she fails. Mahiru asks why would he give her a challenge that she couldn't do, he says because everyone takes chances at something, even people who've fallen into despair like her, either doing something they've never done or doing more on what they can do, everyone has a chance at something, even a second chance.
  • Peko Pekoyama is The Swordsman of Despair, she slashes down her foes with her swordsman skills and will do anything to please her young master, Fuyuhiko.
  • Ibuki Mioda is The Rockstar of Despair, she rocks out to her despair inducing songs and forces people to listen to them.
  • Hiyoko Saionji is The Dancer of Despair, she puts on dance performances that are somehow filled with despair.
  • Mikan Tsumiki is The Nurse of Despair, she kidnaps people and experiments them with her methods of "healing others".
  • Nekomaru Nidai is The Brawler of Despair, he destroys anyone who comes in his way and doesn't hold back.
  • Gundham Tanaka is The Tamer of Despair, he leads an army of mind controlled animals and conquers any land he sees. He's also a sworn enemy to The Kratt Brothers, especially Chris, who believed Gundham should not be spared but instead face the consequences on what's he's done. During the first strike, The Kratt Bros tried to stop him (thinking he was just another villain they have to stop) but Gundham proved to be too strong for the brothers to thwart and retreated. Ever since then, Chris made it his goal to defeat Gundham no matter what, even if The Rebellion's motive is to save The Remnants of Despair, but Martin is still holding on to the plan of "reforming" the remnants. When the brothers face him again, Gundham challenged the brothers to take him down (since he heard that some of The Remnants of Despair were captured by The Rebellion) and Chris accepted the challenge while Martin is not sure if they should do it. Chris and Martin had to go though his entire animal army to reach him, and when they did, Chris ran as fast as he could to bash Gundham's head with his pipe bat, but Gundham dodged it, yanked the bat out of his hands, and bashed his head with it, putting Chris into a coma. Before Gundham could kill him, Martin activated his Creature Power suit, turned into a falcon, and yanked his brother away from him. After some time, Martin sends a letter to Gundham, saying that he wants to fight him for revenge against what he did to Chris, Gundham accepts his challenge and heads towards the place where the letter said he'll be. When he did arrive, Martin wanted it to be a one on one fight, so he told Gundham to let his animal army stay out of the fight, which he did. The two fought for a while, with both sides having almost an equal amount of strength (since Martin used his Creature Power suit to turn into a lion) but in the end, Martin defeated Gundham. Though Gundham calmly accepted his defeat and said he expects his death to be painless, Martin couldn't hurt him any further. He tells Gundham that if Chris does survive and challenged him, he would become a bloody mess because Chris had a burning hatred for him, but Martin tells him that even if he mind controlled those animals and spreads despair with his reign of power, he somewhat believes that he could be redeemed, and the motive of reforming The Remnants of Despair gave him the opportunity of giving him a second chance. At first, Gundham didn't want to believe him but Martin tells Gundham something that he told Chris before The Tragedy, "Even if either humans or creatures are treated badly, there's always a chance of showing them a better way."
  • Trixie is The Magician of Despair, she kills people by using her magic tricks, throwing cards into people's heads or choking them with a knotted scarf.
  • Alain is The Trainer of Despair, he uses his Pokemon to destroy everything in sight, he mostly uses his Charizard because he believes that he could achieve a simular power to Ash-Greninja.
  • Gingka Hagane is The Blader of Despair, he uses his Bey, Mono Pegasus, to destroy everything and kill anyone who dares to challenge him.
  • Mato Kuroi is The Psycho of Despair, she can willingly transform into Insane Black Rock Shooter to kill any opponent she sees, she's also the one responsible for The Rebellion to create a motive to save The Remnants of Despair.
  • Kirito Kazuto is The Gamer of Despair, he uses an advanced headset to make everyone he sees as just an enemy and kills them without mercy. He also transfers himself into the Digital Cyberspace to defend The Remnant's servers.
  • Lily (AKA Kizuna) is The Programmer of Despair, she helps the Remnants of Despair maintain their status of power by creating programs for their servers so that anyone who tries to stand against them would be out matched.
  • Blake is The Hacker of Despair, he hacks into the Digital Cyberspace to learn info from their enemies and use it to their advantage. He's also the main villain of From Lands Unknown. Throughout The Tragedy, he stayed behind the scenes of it all, watching and observing The Rebellion as he suspects that they might lead to The Remnants' downfall but he wasn't sure. But his suspensions were true as the members of the Remnants were being captured by The Rebellion, at first he thought it was against their will, but he found out that they were captured because The Rebellion brought them back to hope, telling them that they could be better people and such. But he wasn't willing for The Remnants of Despair to fall because some people found their soft spot, he'll do whatever it takes for his team, that he trusts so much, to live the day the world ends. He also suggested the idea of sending a giant electro wave from their base with a generator, sending a shock wave that's just as powerful as a nuke, because he believed it would finally get rid of anyone who stands against The Remnants of Despair, even destroying any force that could stop them. However, he kept a close eye on The Rebellion, since he figures that they might of found out about the plan and try to figure out how to stop it. He also planed that if The Rebellion got Izuru, he would upload his consciousness into the Digital Cyberspace, just like what he did for the creation of the Junko AI. When Makoto unleashed the combined magic with Izuru in it, Blake took immediate action as he uploaded his consciousness into Cyberspace as quickly as possible before the Equestrian Magic could erase any trace of him. After some time has passed, Blake wasn't sure what to do with Izuru's AI, but when he heard of the Digital World Project created by D-Bugg Netking, he knew he had one more chance to strike. Before Logan, Adam, and Will got into the scanner pods, Blake hacked into D-Bugg Netking's computers and completely took over. He also showed himself to the main team and the volunteers, telling them that he is the last member of The Remnants of Despair and how he'll resume The Tragedy by destroying any spec of hope he can find. Jeremy decides to send the three to fight against him, but Blake took advantage on that. As soon as Logan, Adam, and Will got into the pods, they were immediately taken as Blake's hostages by uploading their consciousnesses into the Digital World, erasing their memories, and completely changing the world into a RPG world. Throughout From Lands Unknown, he kept watch on the three to see if they died from whatever thing he added into the world, but also he makes sure Jeremy, Mike, Chris, Alphys, and Peridot, never get a chance to save them. During this, he uploaded Izuru's AI into the world, which he was portrayed as a shadow demon, but Blake didn't mind this. However, his plan was slowly backfiring as somehow, D-Bugg Netking managed to communicate with the three and told them what happened to them and why they're here, and the fact that Chris (who is the god of Cyberspace) is hunting down Izuru. At some point near when Logan, Adam, and Will were going to destroy AI Izuru once and for all, Blake decided to take matters into his own hands by vitualizing himself into the modified world, he confronted the three and told them why he was doing this and the true reason why they're here in the first place. He told them about how he came to be, how he fell into despair, that his title, "The Ultimate Hacker" was the cause of the descent, since people feared he might hack into their accounts and threatening lifes. Unlike other members, who were talked into despair, he came to Junko, pleading her to help him understand his title. She accepted him and he became her trusted right-hand man, as he was responsible for making the despair video that sent the 77th class of Hope's Peak into despair. He also told them that when he heard that the Remnants of Despair were being reformed and brought back to hope, he couldn't accept that he was redeemable, because if he did reform, his title, his fears of everyone being of afraid of him, will haunt him either way. After that, he showed the three the true reason why they were sent to the virtual world, and that was The Tragedy, he showed them everything that happened during The Tragedy and told them that D-Bugg Netking chose them is because they survived all of it. However, the three are still trying to wrap their heads around all of their forgotten memories, but they won't let someone like him get away with everything that he did, so he accepts on whatever they're going to do to him. So Logan, Adam, and Will fight Blake as they try to take down the one who plunged them into the Virtual World, eventually, after a long battle, Blake was defeated and the three were victorious. After the three left to fight against Izuru, Blake called out to Junko before he could be devirtualized, that Nagito was right, that all this time, The Remnants of Despair and The Tragedy as a whole, were just stepping stones for Hope.

Gallery Edit

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The Remnants of Despair

Mato Kuroi (STT)

Mato Kuroi as a member of The Remnants of Despair.

Trixie (STT)

Trixie as a member of The Remnants of Despair

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